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June 24, 2007


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Delirium Tremens

beautiful! thanks so much for sharing :)


Hi Matt! I was hoping to see you make it :) Thanks for the beautiful pictures. Do you by chance have any of Alessandra with Julio, backstage or other? The confetti/Julio/two daughters was adorable :)


Beautiful photos M! I feel like I was there :) Was to lucky to have witnessed Ferri and Bolle's performance of Manon. Thankfully, Ferri will continue to perform, albeit far away, but lucky Europeans! She is performing with Bolle in October in Hamburg, "Lady of the Camellias". *siiigh* I wish I could see that~


I didn't get any of Alessandra and Julio :-( By the time I was on stage there was a solid line of people in front of me blocking me from getting any good shots during the "hug procession."


I was there, with the Patron's Society of the Kansas City Ballet, including William Whitener. It was a magical night. From the performance, to running into Jacques D'Amboise at intermission, "isn't she wonderful, Dana?," to the curtain calls that left me in tears.

Thank you so much for these pictures. I will treasure them. :)

Delirium Tremens


is she planning to continue performing? I thought it was sort of a small series of farewell performances (i know she's going to Japan)...


Oh man i bet it was wonderful. I'm so sad i wasn't in new york to see it. And yes, Roberto Bolle is rather, um, handsome isn't he?

Delirium Tremens

Thought you would like to know there is a short video clip of the performance up on http://www.nytimes.com

on main page--video section--under arts.



I was there! She was wonderful! I had purchased tickets to all of her performances (or, at least, I thought I had tickets to all of them--then the extra Manons were announced.)

I will miss her dancing very much. I've never written a fan letter before, but I was quite tempted to write one to "La Ferri." I love the way she dances with such abandon.


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