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February 28, 2008



This makes me think of how:
I'm a (mostly) straight female circus-artist and perform with a company called Acrofabulous--and thus often find myself performing in gay bars in Chicago.

At one particular venue, the management is always kind enough to offer me a private dressing room, as I am often the only (well, what is the correct way to address myself in this case? "anatomical?") female performer.
I generally take an "I don't mind if they don't mind" attitude and comfortably share a dressing room with the rest of the performers.
But I always balk momentarily when it comes to using the bathroom. I clearly don't belong in the mens bathroom, but the womens bathroom is used primarily by transgendered individuals and drag queens and given the context, I belong there less than they do.
Fortunately--everybody is very polite to me about it.
In fact--that generally sums up my experience at these events. Everybody is very polite to me--but I clearly don't belong anywhere in particular. I am otherwise considered conventionally "normal"--but it all depends on context, doesn't it?

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